Any new building adjusts its own context, and in this way almost all buildings are public. We have concentrated on housing, community and educational projects as these have a high degree of impact on and potential for improvement of the wider public domain. When we design buildings we immerse ourselves in the specifics of the project, and the requirement of the users, in order to find the answers necessary for producing the building needed.

  • Ore Valley Adventure Playground
    Ore Valley Adventure Playground
  • SR model5
    Sussex Road School

We are interested in the reality of places, their materiality, use, as well as the process that leads to construction. We work closely with our clients to explore ideas, making decisions about ordinary and special aspects and understand how to tie in with and influence political and planning processes to reconcile sometimes differing ambitions, scales, spaces, uses and building types in close proximity. Good buildings are sustainable buildings. We aim to design buildings that are ready for use over a long period of time, able to accommodate changing uses and cater for local as well as wider needs in terms of linkages and usage. We believe that the environmental impact should be minimised by optimising use of natural light, heating and ventilation as well as the fabric of the building in terms of thermal performance, low embodied energy/life span ratio and chemical pollution in the process of creating, maintaining and reusing the structure and materials. We work closely with our clients and the design team to achieve this.