Morelands Children's Centre

In 2006 East were commissioned by CEA@Islington to design a childrens centre. The brief of the childrens centre was to refurbish and extend two existing buildings owned by LBI, Moreland Community House and King Square Nursery.

  • ML_2008_02
  • ML_2008_00

The two new buildings consist of single storey extensions constructed of single skin clay block walls faced with lime based self coloured render that allow the walls of the buildings to breath. The clay blocks have excellent thermal properties, produce less CO2 than their concrete equivalent and are quick to construct. Large stainless steel windows with coloured glass infill are fixed to the face of the buildings to provide colour both internally and externally. The roof of King Square nursery is sedum planted to be viewed as a garden from the flats above.

  • ML_blocks and shadow
  • ML_2008_03
  • ML_2008_01

We have worked closely with the users & staff of Kings Square, EC1 New Deal, Surestart, Moreland School, CEA@Islington and the local community in developing the brief and designing both buildings.

Both buildings were completed June 2008

Client: London Borough of Islington¹s Childrens Services Department represented by CEA@Islington's Planning and Development Team