York Way babies room

An extension to an existing nursery located on York Way Estate, to accommodate nine babies. The babies’ room covers an existing courtyard and uses a roof and one wall to complete the new space. The outside of the room is dark patinated zinc to evoke a protective exterior like a cloak. Inside, the finish is a bright and textured lining to give a friendly and open feel.

York Way existing
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A large rooflight with mirrored edges is located to bring light and glimpses of the sky to where they are needed. The toilet is formed using translucent pink polycarbonate to act as a lantern to the baby space as well as a screen for the toilets. A sheltered outdoor playroom acts as an intermediate zone between inside and out. A canopy stretching from the nursery into the playground reuses and reconfigures the existing timber and plastic structure to create an area for play, even during wet weather.

Client: York Way Playgroup/CEA@Islington/SureStart

York Way elevation
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