Urban nature
2001 UNL Diploma Unit 3 East

So we got on a tube from Leicester Square, and went to Cockfosters, at the edge of London. The scale of the station suggested an ambition for a level of use and activity yet to be realised. A small stair opened onto a car park and we found a path which led along quiet, green and sunny spaces. We had a picnic. But we wanted more.

Teaching 2001 Ljijana Nastic
  • Teaching 2001 Ljijana Nastic
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Cockfosters is one of many places which are set around the edges of London; fragments lodged into the Green Belt. The unit programme will explored these spaces, and considered the potential for modification of their role in the structure of the city and people’s lives. Methods including documentary, research, discussion, and imagination were employed to understand the urban nature of these locations, and how to work with the place. Existing constellations of use, and the buildings and spaces accommodating them were closely examined, imaginatively understood, and added to.