Derwent Parade

Derwent Parade is a 1960’s shopping and housing parade set in Thurrock within the Green Belt. We asked the local residents and businesses what they wanted to spend £700,000 on improving.
Cars were moved away from the frontage to a new car park behind the Parade, to release space for more pedestrian and market uses; served with water and electricity.

Derwent Parade car park
  • DP night sign
  • Derwent Parade balloon for an idea
  • Derwent Parade car park

A sign reads ‘Derwent’. Otherwise the space is open; edged only by granite benches and a newly defined grassy edge with Ginko Trees and granite paths. All street furniture is painted the same milky blue colour; reminiscent of the river with the sky reflected in it.
The residential balconies were designed to be extended to increase their depth and made more useful through the provision of cupboards, tables, chairs, and planting to encourage social activity rather than just access.

Client: Pride in Derwent Parade Partnership/Thurrock Council