Nelson Square

After consultation with local residents; proposals were defined to improve the frontage to a council housing block in Southwark. These aimed to gently adjust the way in which private spaces met public, and to make more direct routes between the street and front doors.

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Two concrete mixes were used to redefine semi-private footway extents, and planting was designed to extend up a steel mesh screen to improve privacy for the tenants which would rise up to 7 m at the Blackfriars Road Junction to counter the noisy and wide road junction with a hanging garden of fragrant climbing plants. Large signs name the buildings.
Ceramic patterned platforms were designed as replacements for the door steps (now replaced by sloping ground) to give a feeling of ownership and threshold; able to be used for plants, to sit, or to rest a bag.
The project was carried out in collaboration with Carolyn Roy.

Client: London Borough of Southwark