Urban design

We understand that care is needed to keep and improve the urban environment as a place to live, be interested, stimulated, as well as a place that functions, where waste is removed, goods distributed, and spaces managed.

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    Farringdon Urban Design Study
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    Royal Docks

We have focused much attention on projects that in one way or another can be described as urban. The term suggests an in-the-city involvement rather than in-the-countryside, but in fact is simply about any kind of physical and social change which involves careful physical adjustment for groups of owners, users, buildings and spaces. For us the attraction of this kind of work lies in a wider and more meaningful involvement with a project than the conventional practice of architecture usually allows. Because the scope is wider, and the challenge sharper, it makes us think more about our role as architects, and how to stimulate the potential for architecture to make a difference.

We work closely with both private and public stakeholders and prioritise continued dialogue as the main way of tying interests together and ensure the usefulness of the plans that we draw up. Our ability to handle a wide scope of interests and ideas has lead to continued involvement with a number of projects as design advisors, working on behalf of clients to coordinate and steer emerging projects and guide projects already underway.