Tottenham High Road

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Tottenham High Road is located in the Upper Lea Valley Opportunity Area – an 8 mile corridor connecting Hackney to the M25. This part of London is challenged by some of the highest deprivation indices in the country and has been identified for significant public and private spend to help the process of regeneration and to achieve government housing targets. Major development and infrastructure projects such as Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium, Tottenham Gyratory and Hale Village will have a dramatic impact on the High Road. The framework document sets out a series of proposals for new developments, green spaces and public realm improvements along the entire length of the road, focusing on Tottenham Green - the cultural centre of the place. The proposed interventions seek to celebrate the existing community, bring the rich cultural heritage and diversity to the fore - making more of what is already there.

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East have designed public spaces for the Tottenham Gyratory project, which have recently been completed on site.