East is an award winning architecture, landscape and urban design practice established in London since 1995.

We are interested in places, uses and the way they come about. By places we mean cities, spaces within them, buildings, and landscapes. We concentrate on projects of public relevance and have a close understanding of urban change. Our work has come to be internationally recognised for a patient and innovative role in adjusting and improving the urban fabric and its uses. Taking on the wide range of factors influencing and surrounding any process of creation is key to its success and usefulness. These factors include financial constraints, what is happening at the edge and around any project area, political intricacies affecting delivery, and close dialogue with users through carefully designed consultation processes.

A careful understanding and documentation of places as they are found, their spatial relationships, colour, smell and materiality help our development and judgement of design. We are interested in responding to and influencing specific situations. Beauty is always an ambition, defined in form use and time.

All places contain uses and most places come about with use in mind. The mix and location of uses is therefore intricately tied in with the success of a place although a place can never be defined by its use. Changing requirements stimulate the development of architecture where well functioning uses can mix with new, acknowledging that architecture is an intervention into a situation that influences its success and value. We use architecture to tickle, stimulate, and accommodate.

We are a practice with a wide breadth of skills and knowledge. Our service is carefully programmed and tailored to the scale and specific requirements of each project and we actively choose to collaborate whenever appropriate with other disciplines, groups and individuals, and are used to acting as single point of contact for our clients as leaders of consultancy teams.

Recent projects carried out by East include new housing in Hackney Wick, Brent, and Newham. Public realm spaces have been delivered in Haringey, and Waltham Forest, and three new school expansion projects in Southend. It is important to us that we continue to design buildings and public spaces together.

Julian Lewis, Dann Jessen and Judith Lösing set the direction of design within the practice in close cooperation and are closely involved in all aspects of the work we take on.

The practice directors provide advice to the GLA as Special Assistance Team Members, and Julian is a member of the Newham Design Review Panel, and a Visiting Critic for the Mayors’ Project Review Panel.

The work of East has been published and exhibited internationally. We run a Diploma Unit at London Metropolitan University to sustain a critical freshness to our work and approach, and lecture regularly on our work, in Britain, Amsterdam, and Barcelona.


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