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Frampton Park Estate Housing

When we started exploring Frampton Park Estate it seemed confusing and illegible, its buildings featuring no obvious fronts or backs, placed on pieces of grass along roads with no names. Looking more closely and talking to residents, however, we learned that the Estate and its spaces are much loved; streets here are used as parks, and gardens as shortcuts. To add seventy new homes on the Estate we extended the existing buildings, adding more ‘fronts’ in multiple directions and a sunken garden in the ruins of a car park. The new homes are composed of ‘good rooms’ that can be extended and linked via a generous hall.

Rachel Bagenal, Interim Head of the Housing Supply Programme at Hackney Council, said:
‘I have reviewed the (design) boards and they are excellent. I really enjoyed reading them and got excited about getting the scheme built! Such a brilliant project! Nice to be reminded why we do what we do.’

Hackney Council

69 new homes of mixed tenure, landscape improvements

£25.5 Million

Key collaborators:
Hans van der Heijden, Corbett & Tasker Structural Engineers, Wilson Partners M&E Engineers, IFC Fire Engineers, Studio Dekka Lighting, Europa Graphic Design, Stace Quantity Surveying and Employers Agent

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