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Kodak Energy Centre

As part of our work at Kodak, we have been designing a new energy centre building to serve the 2000 new homes being built around the site. The building re-uses the existing chimney, previously the flue for the original Kodak paper factory, now a local landmark and public reference for the history of the site. A new grey concrete clad shed is built around the chimney to create new community facilities as well as space for the energy equipment. An outdoor roof terrace allows external seating and events. The façade of the building provides a public raised screen as a backdrop to the public space in front of it. Concrete steps provide opportunities for viewing, performance or just resting in the middle of an extraordinary part of the new linear park. The chimney is painted yellow, providing the first delivered part of an art strategy for the site, which was devised between ourselves and Michael Marriott.

Barratt London

Energy Centre, with flexible space for community and commercial uses

£2 million

Key collaborators:
Michael Marriott, OCSC, Hydrock

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