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Brent Cross Exploratory

The Brent Cross Exploratory provides a Temporary Open Space of just over 0.8Ha, reusing existing features and spaces. The focus of the park is play— and playfulness—for all ages, with an arrangement that places elements and activities in surprising relationships, encouraging exploration and multiple interpretations of how the space is experienced and used. At the entrance to the Exploratory from Claremont Way the boundary provides a new civic ‘façade’, making a strong spatial relationship with the existing parade of shops. The foundations of the previous demolished building on the site are reused for new hard standing areas, and key path networks are retained, upgraded and overlaid with a new grid of paths giving access across the space to all equipment and amenities. The red spire from the demolished building has been stripped and repainted as a sign of continuity and civic presence.

The design for Exploratory Park was shaped in conjunction with local residents, particularly children, with consultation taking place to discover what they wanted from the new space.

Julia Finlayson, Argent Senior Development Manager said of the design:
‘It is a great achievement, and we are very pleased at Argent to have won our first award for BXT’

Argent Related, Barnet Council

Temporary Open Public Space

£1.3 million

Key collaborators:
The Decorators, ALD, JCLA

Nik Klahre, Jakob Spriestersbach, John Sturrock

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