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Leyton Presence

As an increasingly busy route, Leyton High Road needed to become a new ‘front door’ to the Olympic Parklands. Key measures range from the special to the sensible. The sensible measures are about managing car parking, improving and decluttering footway surfaces, and lighting. Strengthening linkages throughout the High Road are also important, particularly those situated in the western areas, where links to the Olympic Parklands have been established with new bridges. Elsewhere, special measures are scoped and located to relate to the place. They include stainless steel bridge parapet cladding to reduce noise and reflect passers-by, cast hand scaled souvenirs of key Olympic buildings, a 10m tall, illuminated timber bird box sign reading ‘Leyton’, and a stainless-steel fence with a cricket bat as handle.

LLDC and London Borough of Waltham Forest

Public Realm and Landscape improvements

£6 million

Key collaborators:
Studio Dekka Lightning

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