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West Croydon Interchange

After we completed the West Croydon Masterplan we won the West Croydon Interchange Public Realm Project. The project, which stretches across the town centre, brings coherence to a fractured place. Throughout the design phase we worked with three London artists to engage with users of the place, the transport interchange and the Grade 1 Listed St Michael and All Angels Church. This led to a series of carefully targeted architectural and landscape interventions. Footways are widened, shop fronts improved and spatial connections emphasised through use of ordinary materials from the Council’s Public Realm Design Guide in combination with special moments. The distinctive checkerboard paving at the junction, colloquially called West Croydon Circus, the new station clock and the perch are located to give a view down a narrow street, falling away from London Road, to the Wandle Valley. Various transport spaces and slivers of footways are gathered into a coherent network of spaces that are a delight to be in, a destination in themselves. Emphasis is placed on making a new ‘front door’ to Croydon.

Croydon Council

Town Centre Improvements

£4.8 million

Key collaborators:
Artists Ashley McCormick, Polly Brannan, Kevin Ward, Alan Baxter Transport Engineers

Jakob Spriestersbach

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