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Whitechapel Market

The project ambition was to adopt a thriving and diverse market to changing circumstances of new development. We wanted the market to remain a vibrant community centre for the existing, predominantly Bangladeshi community, while attracting new users as well. We created a robust system for a daily market structure to be erected, as needed, for the market stalls. This system has been used by Parisian markets for over 200 years and was selected after a series of visits and observations of markets in London and Europe.

The proposed Market ground material palette is a simple, robust one comprised of blacktop surfacing, including sections with visible ground aggregate to define seating areas, and granite kerbs with special pieces and furniture interspersed at opportune moments. At night, once the market is cleared, the special places can become increasingly active, creating a platform for new emerging events for evening activity along the Street.

GLA and London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Public realm and market improvements

Tower Hamlets

Key collaborators:

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