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Croydon Masterplans

We drew up the West and Mid Croydon Masterplans as part of a suite of five strategic projects commissioned by Croydon Council. We worked in close collaboration with stakeholders (including the GLA, TfL and the Council as landowner), while at the same time testing historic and current assumptions and options to develop a masterplan that included necessary landswaps.

The West Croydon Masterplan provides guidance on a tall building cluster to achieve active ground floor uses and a shared identity between independently delivered towers. Existing taller buildings are considered in their close proximity to lower, and the epic civic plazas that remain from the 1950’s and 60’s are rediscovered for their potential to become revitalised with new uses placed carefully around and within them.

Croydon Council

Framework and strategy for new homes and public realm

Key collaborators:

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