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Gothenburg Flood Resilience Vision

When we arrived in Gothenburg, the client group were surprised, and then intrigued, to see how much attention our team paid to the existing place; how documentary of the streets, buildings, spaces and life of the place was used as part of the design methodology. This approach, of finding out what the place is made of, and who is there, is a key part of our method of working.

The prominent issue of flooding, and in interest in the artificial nature of this man-made riverside landscape led to a suite of water management strategies that addressed this key issue and explored its spatial potential. Riverside architectural proposals were drawn up to influence urban forms, distribution of uses, establish density, and reshape an integrated urban condition influencing development at the habour area.

Goteborgs Stad

Flood Resilience Masterplan

Key collaborators:
Susannah Hagan and R_E_D

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