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Wembley Housing Zone

The Wembley Housing Zone is focussed on the creation of affordable housing and civic infrastructure over the coming years. As part of this strategy, we were appointed to develop proposals for a range of sites along Wembley High Road to deliver new mixed-tenure housing, workspaces, community areas and new public realm to enhance the emergent character of the area and serve as a catalyst for wider growth.

An ensemble of new buildings are knitted-in to the varied existing urban grain. They help to unlock and enhance an existing mews space; workshops are added to offer a new frontage on the south of that street, replacing a bed showroom with a new mixed-use block with High Road frontage on one side and residential frontage to the mews. A new building proposed at underused land along the railway marks the gateway to the High Road when approaching from Wembley Stadium.

Brent Council

Urban plan

Approx. £34.7 million (all East designed elements)

Key collaborators:
KCA (project lead)

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